Sword-fighting show

Live history with us! We will introduce you to the most famous cold weapons in engaging choreographies. You will see knight fights, collective action scenes with elements of stunts, but also short demonstrations of fencing techniques full of humour and tricks with the flag and other weapons. The performance is accompanied by drummers.

We can place a fencing performance in any period (Middle Ages, Renaissance, etc.) and in case of interest it is possible to present demonstrations of period firearms.

Length of the performance: 15 min.

Number of performers: 5 – 10

The Army of the time

 or “For Life and Death”

Are you interested in how large armies fought in the past? In our performance entitled The Army of the Time – For Life and Death, we will introduce you to the military tactics of the 15th and 16th centuries, spear formations and manoeuvres, as well as special weapons such as the two-handed sword. The program is full of humour and action group scenes. And what kind of army would it be if not charged by cavalry? ?

The performance requires sufficient manoeuvring space. It is therefore more suitable for larger events – historical festivals and city festivities.

Length of performance: 15-20 min.

Number of performers: 8

Director: Miroslav Kasprzyk

The fire show

The art of controlling fire has fascinated people both in the past and today. Watch fascinating tricks, juggling with fire and engaging choreography. Our Fire show is an unforgettable experience with an emphasis on safety and professionalism.

Performance length: 10-15 min.

Number of performers: 4-6

Musica Ursusica – medieval music

The playlist of the compositions is based on both instrumental and solo songs, modified old period music (Middle-Ages, Renaissance), famous soundtracks and rhythmic world-music (Slovak, Czech, Bretonic, Irish songs). The composition is adapted for interesting instruments such as violins, whistles, bouillons, guitar, bass guitar as well as drums and percussion.

Number of performers: 6

Length of performance: by agreement

Custom programs

Are you looking for something special for your event? Take advantage of our many years of experience and give us your idea. We are happy to tailor a tailor-made offer for our clients. We can provide a full-fledged period program, costumes and equipment as desired.

Did you choose from our offer or do you have any questions? We will be happy to provide you with more information and prepare a specific price offer.