Historic camp, tents and equipment

The period camp will provide an authentic atmosphere and will become an attractive part of every event. We have historical tents, shelters and other props of camp life (tables, benches, flags, period dishes, fiery lanterns and baskets).

Tents and equipment can be borrowed separately as scenery or decoration, or used to present the life of the period (especially at historical festivals and city festivities).

Historical procession and honour guard

The ceremonial march of a historical military unit can start the event or be a diversifying part of it (arrival of an important person in the historical procession, ceremonial gate, volley of honour, etc.) Of course, historical procession includes drummers, flag carriers, knights and soldiers with weapons. The historical march can be supplemented by demonstrations of fencing or short scenes.

The honour guard is suitable for corporate events, where it completes the historic atmosphere. The honour guard can also be used as presenters or moderators.

Historical children’s games

For the little ones, we also offer fun games and activities that will not be experienced in modern times. We have several interesting games of different difficulty, which you can choose individually or combine appropriately:

  • Target Ring Throw
  • Spin Ladder – Accuracy Throw
  • Wooden Petanque
  • Coordination Game
  • Chess
  • Fishing
  • Jumping Doll
  • Wood Memory Game

Wooden carousel

A popular attraction that you are sure to know from the city markets and historical festivals. Wicker baskets have a load capacity of 30 kg and the carousel operates on 100% ecological drive ?
The historic carousel is made by a professional manufacturer, so it meets safety requirements.

Historic shooting range

One of the most popular attractions at every event is definitely the historic shooting range. We offer a choice of several types of bows of varying difficulty, so that small and large visitors can try out their accuracy. Our fencers are very happy to demonstrate and explain everything needed for correct and accurate shooting.

When shooting, we also use a safety screen, but it is still necessary to place the historic shooting range in a suitable place. We will be happy to consult with you on the possibilities of locating a historic shooting range at your event.

Demonstration of historical weapons

For visitors to the event, we offer the opportunity to see historical weapons from the Middle Ages and the Renaissance. They will get an idea of the real weight of the sword, they can try to put on a knight’s helmet or a ring shirt. Weapons are displayed on a wooden stand, which can be part of a historic camp, fencing performance, shooting range or as a separate attraction.

Of course, our swordsmen will be available, who can, if interested, provide an interesting explanation of the individual weapons and will be very willing to answer all questions.

Costume and weapon rental

 Would you like a real historical atmosphere at your event? Do you need a specific prop? If you are interested, we can rent various men’s and women’s costumes, accessories, headgear or weapons and other equipment. Historical costumes are suitable for moderators, inspectors, hostesses, representatives of corporate parties, etc.

Fencing workshop

  • basics of historical fencing
  • techniques with various weapons (Middle Ages, Renaissance)
  • stunt bases
  • theatre forms and acting
  • preparation consultation in creating programs and fencing choreography
  • Fire show workshop

Did you choose from our offer or do you have any questions? We will be happy to provide you with more information and prepare a specific price offer.