Young Bears

The URSUS historical fencing group is also involved in youth work. In cooperation with the Primary School in Stupava, we organize a historical fencing club for children from Stupava and its surroundings called Young Bears.


Tuesday and Thursday: 17:00 – 19: 00

Gym Primary school in Stupava, Školská 2, 900 31 Stupava

Contact: Martin Kubicskó (English)

The trainings are focused on the basics of historical fencing, the development of movement, theatrical training and knowledge of history. However, the activities of the circle do not end in the gym. Young bears practice stage choreography together and perform at city festivities and historical festivals. There are regular lectures on history and joint weekend gatherings.

If you are interested in the filling of the historical fencing ring and would like to know more, please contact us at The age suitable for signing up for Young Bears is from 13 years, but it depends on individual agreement.